Sunday, 21 May 2017

Road Portal Refresher Course

On the 16th of May, police officers came to Lincoln Primary to run a Refresher course with the Road Patrollers ( Years 6-8.) James street is a very busy road. Road Patrol makes it safe for people to cross the road.
In the Refresher course, they were reminded about how to use the signs and to let people cross the road safely.

Interview with Constable Rick:

How long did it take for you to train to be a policeman?

I did five months of training in Wellington, there was a lot of learning, eight hours each class.

How many years have you been a police officer?

I have been in the police for Eight years, I love helping everyone.

What made you want to be a police officer?

I always had a vision of the right things and wrong things, and I wanted my job to include to help New Zealand be a better place.

What was it like training?

It was very hard, you have 8 hours of learning during the day and at night 4 hours of studying, it was very intense learning.

(Heidi, Jorja and Constable Rick heading over towards the Road Portal crossing.)

(Harmony, Maxina, Chenaè, getting ready.)

Monday, 15 May 2017

Year ⅚ Bush Ed Trip

By Ella McMillan and Lily Mccondach.

On the 10th and 11th of May, Syndicate 3 went to Spencer Park for their Bush Ed Trip.

The leaders of their trip were teaching them how to survive and thrive in the bush. They learnt how to make stretchers out of tarps and logs and how to make bivvys for shelter.

They did some activities like building sculptures on the beach and orienteering.

Overall these kids had a exciting experience at Spencer Park, where they learnt a lot of usual educational knowledge about surviving and thriving in the Bush.

Here is Team Red carrying the stretcher out of the bush.
Here is Team Red again, building sculptures on the beach.
Here is Team Red talking about Bear Grylls.

Enrichment in term 2

Enrichment in term 2
By Shayna And Francisco

Every Friday Lincoln primary school has enrichment day. Enrichment day is different from the other days because you get to go to the activities of your choice. In term 2, there are now a lot more options than in term 1.These activities range from jump jam to sketching and engineering to knitting.

The enrichment activities run from 10am till 3pm, with activities in 4 time slots throughout the day. For the seniors in term 2 there are 4 competitive winter sports to choose from: rugby, soccer, hockey and netball. From these sport sessions you can go on to compete in zones  for the school. According to the children of Lincoln Primary, friday is the best day of the week!!

Drums Origami
Chinese whispers (base class) x

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

GALA Day tomorrow!

Don't forget! It's happening rain or shine (the weather is forecast to clear tomorrow)

Monday, 3 April 2017

Canterbury Duathlon

by Fran

On Monday the 24th of March the Canterbury Duathlon was held at Ruapuna raceway. The children who did the Duathlon at school were supposed to go to zones for another Duathlon but it was cancelled because of the rain. Everyone who was going to zones went to the Canterbury Duathlon.

At 7.00 it was raining heavily. It looked like it would be cancelled but it was still on anyway. When the children got to the racetrack, they rode their bikes to the bike stands.  All the schools had flags where they set up but Lincoln Primary didn't have a flag. It wasn't long before all the 10 year old contestants lined up in alphabetical order of their school. It took about 20 minutes before the martials started putting transponder straps around the students ankles so that the martials knew if they had done the full course.

All the children ran to the start of the racetrack. There were 157 children in the 10 year old boys race. The whistle blew and everyone sprinted at first to get in front. The best strategy was to keep the same pace throughout the running. The running was two kilometres long, but the biking was 9 kilometres. When the running was over the children jogged over to the bike stands to get there bikes. The children who found their bikes first got a big headstart.

The biking was the time to use up your energy because you could go so fast with so little energy. Most children had road bikes because the biking was on concrete and road bikes have thin wheels and they are lighter. There were big puddles on the track that were fun to go through but would slow you down. As the rain poured on the children, it felt exciting. The children had nearly finished the first lap out of two laps. On the second lap of the biking everyone rode faster. When the biking was over the children got off their bikes and parked them in the bike stands and there was still another kilometre of running.

After the biking, the children's legs would feel very stiff. As the tired children ran quickly, their shoes were full of water. It was almost the end of the duathlon and it was very exhausting. As the children crossed the finish line parents and relatives cheered them on.

Once the race had finished and the excitement was over the children who were now completely soaked drove back home and then back to school. The Canterbury Duathlon was an awesome event.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The cricket carnival

On Thursday the 23rd of March, Syndicate 3 had the opportunity to compete in the cricket carnival at Brookside Park. This year we were determined to win.

On the day, everyone got to school early. Most people had zones shirts but I didn't have one because I wasn't at school the previous day. Before school started we had lots of fun playing dodgeball. Then the bell rang and we were about to go when Miss T (the sports teacher) found a spare zones shirt. It was too big for me but I wore it anyway. Then we were split into 3 teams. My team was called the Lincoln Wizards.
When we got to Brookside Park we took our bags off the bus and walked over to find a place to set up our blue mat.
We didn't have much time before the first cricket game started so we sat on the blue mat. We were told not to put our feet on it but most of us did anyway!
The first game started and we were fielding first. We all rushed onto the field and everyone wanted to bowl first. We were all spread out evenly around the field. The team we were playing against was the Tai Tapu Spinners. The game started and our team was excited. The positions rotated and soon it was my turn to bowl. My bowls were pretty good but they weren't that accurate. Wicket keeping was fun as well but bowling was everyone's favourite.

By halftime we had started pretty well.
Now we were batting I was batting first with Peter. I love batting because you get to hit the ball really far and it's exciting when the ball comes near you. Unfortunately in the end we lost.

After the game we had morning tea. There were two more games to go. We had to move all our stuff to other areas for the next games. Our team was now playing against the Lincoln Bears and at the end the score was 56 to 59. We lost.

After lunch it was our final game against the Lincoln Lions, who had beaten the Tai Tapu Spinners. Our team was batting first and we got some sixes. We did really well in the first half. In the second half when we were fielding we caught lots of people out. I almost caught the ball one time but it bounced out of my hands. When the game ended we had won by 12 points.

Overall my bowling improved lots and Mrs T was proud of us. We traveled back to school on the bus again and we arrived back at 2.00 pm.

By Fran

Thursday, 9 March 2017

House Meeting - Looking Further Foward

On the 3rd of March 2017 the first house meeting of the year was held. House leaders from kowhai, Rimu, Matai and Totara organised this event. The first house leader meeting was a success. The new house leaders were confident in the situation and were able to create new chants. That is new chants for a new year. The students were all collaborating in a group of mixed ages to work together to create a chant. The chant is a simple catchy poem that the students use in events to cheer on and support their house. Most the houses are ready to present their chant to the school.

Looking forward further in the year the leaders want to do more activities and arrange more opportunities competitive or not. Planning to make a fun year is what our awesome leaders are aiming for. Along with that end of term awards are going to be arranged for the winning house along with the shield at the end of each year as a reward.

This year the leaders want to get students more involved with the school, in leadership and community wise. They are wanting to also convince students to begin to get more involved with house points and more things to do with our houses, as it's a simple and fun way to earn a rewards or get involved with activities. We all believe this will be something exciting and fun for Lincoln primary and bring some great results. Further on this year there will be many new changes happening in the school like construction and events held at Lincoln primary and we all can't wait!